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Roller Team Zefiro


Storage and garage space is key to the Roller Team Zefiro range. With 2 hi-line and 2 lo-line motorhomes packed full of innovative Roller Team features and internal storage options, the Roller Team Zefiro range is perfect starting point for large families offering 4 – 6 berth options. A high Italian specification offers exceptional value for money across the Roller Team Zefiro range of motorhomes.


Roller Team Zefiro

Roller Team Zefiro 675

For the annual family holiday, opt for the Roller Team Zefiro 675 and experience the luxury of a 6 berth motorhome. Designed to offer the brands signature premium feel throughout with the addition of high quality furnishing and durable units, the motorhome boasts 2 double beds, twin rear bunk beds and the handy addition of a large over cab bed too.  A dinette area provides ample seating space for those community dinners with the compact kitchen unit supporting the family chef during their meal preparation. A spacious washroom with integrated shower can be accessed through the main floor and is perfectly sized for use by adults and children alike. For added control, Hill Start Assist maintains the braking pressure for an extra 2.5 seconds to prevent dangerous slips.

Roller Team Zefiro 690G

Those seeking the most luxurious and comfortable travelling solutions are sure to love the Roller Team Zefiro 690G. Designed to offer a spacious, open plan environment for the entire family, this 6 berth motorhome features ample sitting and sleeping space for every member of your family with the addition of a large over cab bed. The spacious family washroom can easily accommodate teeth brushing while someone else jumps in a quick shower and is fully accessible for every traveller. Bring the entire family together around the dinette while the head family chef rustles up the favourite meal at the end of a busy day. And finally, for peace of mind, integrated Hill Start Assist prevents your home from those dangerous slips during hill starts.

Roller Team Zefiro 685

The perfect motorhome for party planners everywhere, the Roller Team Zefiro 685 boasts a low profile design with plenty of space for entertaining. Fitted with 5 beds, one of which sits above the lounge, this motorhome benefits from the addition of more floor space than the traditional layouts. Decorated throughout with high quality fabrics designed for both comfort and easy maintenance, a front base seating area allows both the driver and passenger drive to simply turn in their chairs in order to join the festivities. An amble sized washroom and separate, enclosed shower provide the amenities you need for extended stays with enough hidden storage placed throughout. A large garage towards the rear can be accessed from both outdoors and indoors to provide additional space for items including bags or food stores.

Roller Team Zefiro 696

A luxurious choice for a romantic couple get away, the Roller Team Zefiro 696 is a premium-style motorhome providing ample cosy space for a quick cuddle on the sofa or snuggle on bed. Finished to the highest standard, this beautiful home boasts a large island bed at the rear with inbuilt bedside tables for that ‘home-from-home’ feel. A dedicated sitting area is positioned towards the front to allow and encourage interaction with the driver while separate washroom and shower enclosure reduce time wasted getting ready in the morning. Perfect for two people, the 695 is suitable for use as a 5 berth unit with concealed drop down bed – should guests come visiting.


Hill Start Assist – Extra Control During Hill Starts!

Hill Start Assist temporarily stops the motorhome rolling backwards or forwards when making a hill start. By maintaining pressure to the braking system, the system ensures an extra 2.5 seconds, providing you with more time and control as you move your foot from the brake pedal to accelerator. Hill Start Assist is also useful on slippery roads when you’re stopping and starting.


Try before you buy!

Unsure which Roller Team Zefiro would be suitable for you and your family? In partnership with our sister company Freedhome Luxury Motorhome Hire, we offer a unique try before you buy scheme offered on most Roller Team Zefiro motorhomes. Contact our sales department to discuss your requirements and for recommendations on the best Zefiro to try, before you buy.

When you hire a Roller Team Zefiro from Freedhome Luxury Motorhome Hire for a period of 5 nights or more, then proceed to purchase a new or used Roller Team Zefiro, Freedhome Luxury Motorhome Hire will refund you up to 5 nights hire, a fantastic saving and opportunity!

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